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Granrut avocats

A bit of history

One of the first French independent business-law firms

Founded on 1 January 1957, the firm was the first structure d’avocats in France, as Bernard du Granrut chose this business model as soon as it was permitted. Even at the time, the first partners were convinced that it was necessary to pool talents and work together to offer their clients the best possible services.

Bernard de Bigault du Granrut’s career and commitment.

Bernard du Granrut was Bâtonnier (Leader) of the Paris Bar from 1982 to 1983. The firm originally built its reputation on its trial lawyer practice: the Klaus Barbie crimes against humanity case, the contaminated-blood case, the French Presidency phone-tapping case, the Ile-de-France schools case.

Bernard du Granrut was a staunch Europe supporter, and always interested in international affairs. In 1963, he participated in a project to study the productivity of self-employed professionals in the United States. In 1981, he created the Delegation of the Paris Bar (later the Delegation of French Bars) in Brussels.

With his deep involvement in French economic and corporate life, Bernard du Granrut was also the inter-ministerial delegate for self-employed professions and a member of the European Economic and Social Council.

His personality had a strong influence on the firm. Over the years, he brought together a new generation of lawyers, to whom he passed on his forward-thinking view of the profession. In his tradition and an upholder of the same values, Jean Castelain was elected Bâtonnier of the Paris Bar (2010-2011).