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Litigation involving public authorities

Litigation involving public authorities covers all areas of public law within the jurisdiction of the administrative courts and tribunals.

The French Administrative Justice Code has undergone many significant reforms in recent years.

Summary proceedings have thus been extensively reformed, which has led to real changes in the behaviour both of users and of the administrative justice system. From pre-contractual to suspension summary rulings, and of course, summary rulings for immediate release from custody, expert appraisal or payment, the firm has specifically specialised in these proceedings, which can provide fast solutions to the difficulties its clients encounter.

Additionally, the oral nature of the discussions before the administrative courts and tribunals, until recently exceptional and limited, has undergone significant developments with the most recent reforms and means that the lawyer can acquire a sense of the pleadings by the Rapporteur Public (public magistrate) and also speak after the latter has stated the pleadings at the public hearing.

This implies significant change in the administrative process. The systematic presence of our teams at hearings, and their recognised and certified practice before the administrative courts and tribunals, mean that the firm’s clients can be represented to the highest standards in public litigation in a time of far-reaching change.

The work of Granrut Avocats

- Appeals against abuse of power
- Full jurisdiction appeals
- Preliminary questions of constitutionality
- Suspension summary judgements
- Payment-order summary judgements
- Expert-appraisal summary judgements
- Pre-contractual and contractual summary judgements
- Summary judgements for release from custody
- Fiscal litigation