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Construction law

Construction law governs the relations among the various parties involved in the “act of construction”; the term is used in a general sense but may cover very diverse activities, whether the actual construction of a structure (building, residential house, etc.) or a renovation activity. These parties are the contracting authorities, entities organised under public or private law, contractors (structural work or specialists), architects, firms of surveyors, design offices: a variety of experts, each of whom has a well-defined task.

This law involves knowledge of the industry, governed by rules that are sometimes complex, where the role of the contract and its appendices (STS, GAS, SAS, etc.) is also extremely important. It involves knowledge of other fields of law, such as insurance law, and sometimes the law on insolvency proceedings as the default of one or more parties in the construction project may have particularly serious consequences for other parties involved.

The work of Granrut Avocats:

The team has recognised experience both in court-ordered appraisals, which are very frequent in construction law, and in pre-litigation advice concerning incidents that arise during construction contracts.

The firm assists clients in specific judicial proceedings in construction law: direct action by subcontractors, warranty against hidden defects or non-compliance of construction materials with regulations or specifications.

The property team supports its clients so that they can anticipate the difficulties posed by the new legislation concerning environmental problems: “green” construction, the "grenellisation" of liability, etc.