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Distribution law

Nowadays, there are multiple forms of distribution channels, even within the same brand. From contractual techniques to the distribution channels for products or services, this legal area is particularly challenging. It is a sector that includes both large supermarket chains and SMEs, as well as suppliers.

Distribution law is continually undergoing changes, pushed by new sales techniques that are increasingly being developed on digital networks.

Granrut Avocats also has expertise in distribution in regulated sectors (tobacco, alcohol, petrol, cosmetics, medications).

The wide range of stakeholders and the recent appearance of new technologies using the Internet as the medium have led to new legal needs and require proven versatility and experience. The Granrut Avocats team meets all these expectations in supporting its clients.

The work of Granrut Avocats:
- Negotiating and drafting distribution and supply agreements
- Support and assistance in creating distribution networks
- Implementation and monitoring of exclusivity and commercial-cooperation agreements
- Drafting of sales-agency contracts
- Implementation and monitoring of commercial franchise and service agreements
- Advice and litigation in all distribution sectors, in particular exclusive and selective