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Since the work of the Club of Rome in the early 1970s (Limits to Growth, 1972) and René Dumont’s candidacy in the 1974 French Presidential election, the environment has become a daily concern at the centre of political debate and economic issues.

The environment is itself a concern for companies and often becomes the focus of their strategic thinking. Likewise, land development and planning are at the top of the list of current issues when discussing the reconversion of industrial areas.

It is a complex sector and the legal difficulties are increasingly acute as social, scientific and technical progress is made.

Granrut’s response:

Our team advises you and offers you original contractual solutions to ensure the success of your projects:
- Recycling of industrial land and waste processing
- Waste management and extended liability of producers
- Understanding of planning issues for public or private land
- Chemicals legislation
- Litigation concerning renewable energies, especially wind energy
- Legislation on listed sites.

Our team has been recognized in 2017 in in the following rankings:
- "Highly Recommended" in the "environment - litigation" ranking by Leaders League.
- "Highly Recommended" in the "environment - classified sites, polluted sites and soils and industrial wastelands" ranking by Leaders League.
- "Highly Recommended" in the "environment - waste legislation" ranking by Leaders League.