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Environmental law

As a long-standing adviser to industrial groups, Granrut Avocats has assisted its clients regarding all of their problems connected with industrial risks and in implementing environmental regulations (domestic or European).

Society’s growing concerns about the environment have led to significant changes in the applicable regulations and the approach of economic stakeholders.

Whilst environmental standards are stricter and liability levels higher, there is also an emerging and innovative environmental and sustainable-development economic sector. Many operators from very different backgrounds (industrial, property, energy, finance, etc.) are converging on this sector, under the scrutiny of public authorities.

With its recognised environmental-law team, Granrut Avocats undertakes to provide its clients with operational legal advice and strategic assistance in this field.

Granrut’s response:

- Support and implementation of European and domestic standards on corporate social responsibility: governance rules, publication of sensitive and compulsory corporate information, environmental liability, whether direct or caused by the supply chain
- Assistance in understanding new legal risks: carbon-footprint audit, legislation on new energy sources, construction: RT2012 standard, laws and certifications, management of environmental crises, harm to image, brand compliance and scope of standards issued by major international institutions, conflicts with stakeholders
- Advice to financial institutions and investment funds concerning integration of ethical- or responsible-investment criteria into the legal information to be given to investors and the public
- Assistance in the sale/purchase of sites: regulatory audits, establishing seller’s warranties, drafting of environmental clauses. More specifically, concerning classified installations: support in the creation, takeover or closure of the site
- Redevelopment of industrial wasteland and liability concerning polluted land
- Land planning: technological-risk prevention plan (PPRT), encumbrances and restrictions on use, compensation, local nuisance
- Construction and sustainable property: high environmental quality (HQE) standards, baux verts (green leases)
- Waste: CET, CSDU and CSDD waste-disposal centres in France, recycling facilities, extended liability of producer
- Taxation: French general tax on polluting activities (TGAP)