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Health / e-health law

The impact of healthcare “costs” on the government budget leads political decision-makers to make choices where technical support requires drawing upon skills evolving continuously.

To meet a wide range of needs in the field, Granrut Avocats has set up a cross-expertise team, made up of lawyers who provide advice and work in litigation for the following stakeholders in these fields:

The stakeholders
- Industrial sector (pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, medical devices)
- Care establishments (private clinics, hospital centres, EPAHD (retirement homes), medical retirement homes, convalescent homes, ESPIC (collective interest private healthcare establishments), etc.)
- Healthcare professionals (doctors, paramedics, laboratories, pharmacists, professional governing bodies, learned societies, non-profit groups, professional organisations, foundations).

The work of Granrut Avocats: Healthcare Products (cosmetics, food supplements, medical devices, drugs, elements and products for the human body)
- Classification of products
- Clinical trials: contractual relations with researchers, clinical-trial contracts, best practices, informed consent of patients)
- Support in dealing with the supervisory authorities (AFSSAPS, ANSES, DGCCRF, LNE-GMed, Biomedicine Agency, EFS)
- Healthcare authorisations (temporary authorisations for use; obtaining, sale and purchase of market authorisations)
- Negotiation of private and public-private partnerships (pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, institutional)
- Trademark law, patent and SCP law
- Labelling, EC marking, advertising
- Litigation: commercial, intellectual property, criminal, liability for products or equipment
- Distribution (selective distribution, pharmacy monopoly, etc.)
- Lobbying: support for stakeholders in their relations with public decision-makers and monitoring draft legislation Healthcare Facilities and Professionals:
- Healthcare and medical-social planning (care activity, regional healthcare agency (ARS) performance and best-endeavour contracts, etc.)
- Healthcare Cooperation and Networks (negotiation and legal assistance for implementation of cooperation, particularly by creating an ad hoc structure: healthcare cooperation group (GCS), special interest group (GIE), public/private healthcare centre, cooperation agreements ESPIC and public establishments, etc.)
- Creation and operation of facilities, transfer, regrouping, incorporation or transformation of companies, purchase or sale of business assets or company shares, companies in difficulty
- Professional practices and practice contracts •
- Management and litigation concerning employees (public-sector hospital and private sector)
- Training and risk management (especially patient and user rights and biomedical research, etc.)
- Protection of personal health data (declaration to CNIL (French IT & liberties organisation), contracts with data hosts, etc.)
- Medical liability (civil, hospital, criminal, disciplinary, personal-injury compensation, etc.)
- Public contracts (Long-term leases – PPP – public hospitals)
- Lobbying in support of healthcare establishments and professionals in their relations with public decision-makers and monitoring of draft legislation, in particular the French bill on financing social security (PLFSS)
- Healthcare facilities and professional liability