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Individual employment relations

From recruitment to termination of the employment contract, individual employment relations cover the specific relationship between the employer and each employee, taken individually.

These regulations, which are becoming increasingly complex to implement on a daily basis (due to the diverse range of applicable standards and their regular amendments, and the changes in all employment relations), today mean that it is necessary to receive effective guidance and advice on the rights and obligations of each party (employer and employee)

The work of Granrut Avocats

- Assistance with recruitment
- Help in drafting clauses of the employment contract (non-competition clause, trainings costs clause, bonus clause, working days, working hours, use of temporary contracts, etc.)
- Remuneration and status of executives (contractual termination allowance, stock options, simultaneous employment contract /executive’s position, etc.)
- Secondment and expatriation (mobility within a group of companies, external secondment, identifying employer and party responsible for regrading obligation, etc.)
- Penalties and disciplinary power (warning, suspension, etc.)
- Termination of employment contract procedure (dismissal, contractual termination, negotiated termination)
- Unfair competition
- Managing absenteeism (sick leave, maternity leave, training, incapacity, etc.)
- Settlement negotiation, drafting settlement agreement, making termination secure
- Disputes before employment authorities
- Disputes before social security affairs court