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Information Technology and Communication Law

Information technology has left a strong and even indelible imprint on the needs of governments, companies and all stakeholders. The virtual nature of communication and discussion, and consequently, the need to ensure their security, has become an important issue.

Through their extensive experience, particularly in a corporate setting, the lawyers in the IT and communications department have the expertise to offer their clients support in implementing the tools and solutions they prefer or that they are offered, and have a perceptive understanding of the technical and legal requirements.

Granrut Avocats assists clients in implementing contracts for the design, manufacture, sale and provision of their technical solutions, and in making their intellectual assets secure and drafting and negotiating their licence agreements.

The clients of the IT and communications department include telecommunications operators, and players in the IT, defence and new media sectors (mobile services, connected television, online games and gambling sites, e-commerce).

Lawyers in the IT and communications department have been asked to contribute to the publication of many articles, in particular about cloud computing, the opening of the online gaming and gambling market and brand content.

Since 2010, Granrut Avocats has been recognised by Décideurs as a team with a “strong reputation” in matters of telecommunications, IT and Internet law and by Legal 500 in the field of ITCs, IT, the Internet and telecommunications.

The work of Granrut Avocats:
- Drawing up and negotiating software solution and application design, realisation and manufacturing agreements for all types of environments and stakeholders
- Drawing up and negotiating website or mobile-site creation agreements
- Drawing up and negotiating outsourcing contracts (information management, ASP, SaaS)
- Assistance in conducting major IT projects
- Drawing up and negotiating hosting and maintenance agreements
- Legal audit of companies, websites and IT and telecommunications agreements for acquisition or sale projects
- Technical litigation and court-ordered appraisals
- Training focussed on client needs