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General insurance

The problems of general insurance interest all economic operators, whether private or public. Many factors can heighten risks of this kind, such as the size of production sites, the use of highly-sophisticated equipment or the advanced specialisation of activities, which creates interdependent relationships between establishments and/or companies with risks of operating losses along the chain.

In this environment, Granrut Avocats’s clients’ expectations are focussed both on the practice of contract law and on liability in tort, which is often in the background in liability cases, with respect to the recovery action to be taken.

Granrut Avocats’s lawyers have been working in this area for many years, both for insurers and for companies operating in a variety of fields, and accordingly know the specific problems.

The work of Granrut Avocats:

- Assistance in negotiation/interpretation/performance of agreements concerning general insurance (leases, consigned goods, storage and logistics, etc.),
- Supporting the client, either insurer or company, in collaboration with experts and brokers,
- Advice and litigation concerning expert appraisal, recovery and loss assessment.