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Business public law

Business public law covers a range of fields of administrative law and brings together what is commonly called public economics law and public contract law.

According to the public authorities’ position vis-à-vis the world of finance, public business law comprises three branches of economic activity:
- first of all, regulation of the economy, when the public authorities are involved to regulate, guide, direct or protect the market and its financial stakeholders;
- next, economic interventionism, when the government or local authorities act as suppliers of goods and services to the market or assist financial stakeholders;
- lastly, public procurement, when public bodies act as buyers on the market.

Over time, Granrut Avocats has developed specialised expertise in these constantly-changing fields, enabling it to offer public and private clients appropriate advice and to defend their legal and financial interests.

The work of Granrut Avocats:
- Advising public bodies about legislation on public aid to companies
- Assistance and monitoring procedures for signature of public contracts (public procurement contracts, delegation of public services, public-private partnerships, long-term administrative leases, etc.)
- Advice on public contract law and the use of competitive procedures
- Litigation concerning public contracts: pre-contractual interim ruling, contractual interim ruling, action contesting validity of public contracts, compensation disputes