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Property - Commercial leases

Property can be the source of numerous battles between holders of competing rights, neighbours, builders and contractors, insured parties and insurance companies, buyers and sellers, lessors and lessees, co-owned properties and co-owners, etc.

Granrut Avocats handles all litigation stemming from property transactions: purchases, construction, structural-damage insurance, property agreements, commercial leases.

Granrut Avocats advises and assists individual clients, private companies (hotels, restaurants, services sector) or public companies and national or international groups, whether as lessor or lessee, in negotiating, managing and settling conflicts concerning their leases for commercial or industrial premises.

The work of Granrut Avocats:
- Negotiating, drawing up and executing the lease: leasing, transforming/vacating operating premises, notice, renewal, occupation allowance, eviction allowance
- Assignment of right to lease, financial leasing or sale of going concerns
- Audit of the business’s situation: compliance with the standards of the activity in question, environmental law, co-ownership and planning authorisations and administrative permits
- Litigation concerning setting revised or renewed rent: capping, local marketability factors, single-use property
- Negotiation and litigation concerning allocation of the financial charge of the conversion or renovation work (maintenance, wear and tear, delivery)