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Civil servants

The law concerning public-sector employees constitutes an essential aspect of French administrative law.

The internal workings of public organisations are full of difficulties and uncertainties with respect to career paths, secondment and discipline, fields that are governed by a body of rules and principles.

In an environment with a wealth of principles based on statute and case-law, Granrut Avocats has always been committed to meeting clients’ expectations and providing them with outstanding service in both giving advice and litigation.

This expertise is expressed in the three categories of public-sector employment (State, local authorities, hospital), as well as in the chambers of commerce and industry, in organisations governed by service regulations or in trade and cottage-industry associations.

The work of Granrut Avocats:
- Assistance with personnel management and employment regulations
- Representation in court, in both interim and full hearings on the merits, for all employees’ career problems, disciplinary disputes, various types of bonuses, grant of tenure, advancement, promotions and grading, as well as the problems of deductions due to strikes, working hours, exercising the right to form trade unions, trade-union representation, the rights of trade unions, harassment, retirement benefits and career termination
- Organisation of training on procedure, harassment, health and safety in the workplace, disciplinary measures
- Litigation concerning service regulations for administrative personnel in chambers of commerce and industry, and in trade organisations
- Sexual and other kinds of harassment
- Discrimination and restriction of liberty
- Criminal litigation involving top executives
- Career plateaus